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Citing Sources : Business and Legal

Get help with citing sources for your assignment.


The three most commonly used citation styles are represented by the following manuals: The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA style), The MLA Handbook (MLA style), and The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago style). Generally speaking, the sciences and social sciences tend to use the APA or Chicago style while the humanities will often use the MLA style.

This online guide is based on our adaptation of the APA style for citing business sources. Though common sources are covered (i.e., books, magazines, journals, etc.) this guide primarily provides citation guidance for unique business sources that are often found in library databases. Since there is no "official" citation style for business writing, this guide represents one possible way to cite business sources. Consequently, your instructor may prefer that you use one of the many citation styles out there (possibly his or her favorite), or they may have adapted a specific style (possibly from a journal that they have published in) for their particular class.

Therefore, you should ALWAYS check with your instructor for specific writing instructions before using the style presented here.

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