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ART 2150: The History of Art from 1400CE to the Present

Research help for ART 2150


Hi ART 2150 Researchers!

For this course, you are required to conduct research using a variety of sources, including peer reviewed journal articles, books and book chapters, critical reviews, and artist talks. This page should provide you with some guidance for where to look for your sources. 

Finding Books/E-books:

Quite a bit of art history is published via books, both print and electronic. To search for books and ebooks at UTC, use the library's Quick Search:


After you search, select the filters for Books (physical) and Books (electronic)

Finding Articles:

Use the Art Research Guide.

From the library homepage, click Research Guides then navigate to Art.

JSTOR is the best place to start. Other excellent resources include Project Muse and Taylor & Francis.



JSTOR collects scholarly articles, primarily in the humanities, from the 19th century all the way up until five years ago (2017). Anything published since 2017 will have to be located elsewhere.

A few important points:

  1. Every search term you add will decrease the number of results you get. Try starting with just a few search terms and slowly add more terms as you need.
  2. You may have to search multiple times on the same topic using different vocabulary.
  3. You may want to scroll down the menu on the left and select the 'Art & Art History' subject filter.


Using Project Muse

Scroll down the Art Research Guide to find Project Muse. Project Muse is a consortium of university and scholarly presses. Great content in the humanities, with a mix of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Remember to keep your search terms brief in order to get the most results. Scroll down on the left to find a filter for 'Art and architecture.'


Using Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis has excellent coverage in art and art history. To make the most out of it, you will need to check the box that says 'Only show content I have full access to'. You may also want to check the Arts subject filter. As always, fewer search terms will yield more results.




If you need more help, email:

Using bibliographies

One of the most important techniques when researching Art History is to use bibliographies to expand your research. This technique is sometimes referred to as "pearl-growing." Here's how it works...

In this example, we are researching the influence of Aztec art on the paintings of Frida Kahlo. Let's say we found this one good article. What we want to do is head to the bottom and look at it's references. Maybe a footnote to an article by Helene Cixous looks like a promising lead.


Take the article title and author of the footnote or source that interests you and plug it into Google Scholar. You should get a citation with a link back to UTC's databases. In this case, we get a link back to JSTOR.


You can also just take the title of the article you originally found and run it through Google Scholar. Look for a link that says "Cited by" and thta will take you to a list of articles that cite the article you were originally interested in.




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