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Pre-Class Activities

Before coming to your library instruction class, please complete the following activities.

Want a refresher on some additional research basics? Visit the ENGL 1010/1011 course guide.

1. Take the Pre-class Survey

Please respond to this short survey regarding your previous research experience.
Approximately 5 min. to complete.

Begin Survey

2. Complete the Keyword Tutorial

Complete this tutorial and assessment on developing keywords for effective searching.
Approximately 15-20 min. to complete.

Begin Tutorial

3. Review Search Features of a Multi-Subject Database

Read the ProQuest Central Tip Sheet for an overview of the search features of a multi-subject database.
Approximately 5 min. to complete.

Annotated Bibliography

For your Annotated Bibliography, you need to:

  • Find a variety of different types of sources (scholarly & popular)
  • Be sure that your sources are credible
  • Pay attention to source bias
  • Be sure to cite appropriately 


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