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3D Modeling in Fusion 360 : Navigating the Fusion 360 Interface

Navigating the Fusion 360 Interface

Screenshot of Fusion 360 interface with highlighted boxes for each section.

Tool Bar (Red):

This contains a series of drop-down menus that house most of the tools that you will use. The tools under these menus will change depending on what workspace is selected.

Workspace (Orange):

In this drop-down window you will find all of the workspaces. The interface and options will change depending on what workspace is selected. The MODEL and PATCH workspaces will be the main ones that you work with.

Browser (Light Blue):

All of the components in the scene are displayed in this series of drop-down folders. From here you can select individual components that you would like to modify.

Timeline (Green):

The timeline contains all of the major changes that you have made in your project. If you would like to go back and edit one of those changes select it on the timeline and you will be able to tweak it.

Navigation and Display (Purple):

These tools let you zoom, pan, and rotate around the scene as well as change some of the display aspects.

Data Panel (Yellow):

The data panel shows all of your projects and files. It can be opened and closed by clicking the 3x3 grid.

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