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3D Modeling in Fusion 360 : Exporting Your Model

Exporting a File in Fusion 360


The software used for 3D printing in the Studio (3rd Floor, Library) uses .stl files. If you want to create a design in Fusion 360 and print it using the 3D printers at the Studio, you will first need to save the file to the Autodesk Cloud by clicking the save icon on the top toolbar. From there, you will be able to follow the steps below to export your file. 

If you are not planning to export your file as a .stl file, please follow the instructions provided during the export process by Fusion 360.


To export your file in Fusion 360, click the File icon's dropdown menu and choose 3D Print. Image of file toolbar with File drop-down menu circled.


A pop-up menu will appear on the right side of the screen.

  1. Uncheck the box beside "Send to 3D Print Utility."
  2. Select the object(s) you want to save as a .stl file.
  3. The "OK" box in the pop-up window that was originally grayed out should be clickable now. Click the OK button.
  4. Another pop-up window should appear. This pop-up window will allow you to name your file, choose a file type, and choose a location to save your file. If you want to save your file locally to your computer, check the box beside "Save to My Computer" and choose a file location.
  5. Click the blue "Save" button


Congratulations! You've just made and exported your own 3D model in Fusion 360!

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