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FYE: Get To Know the Library

Library activity for New UTC Students

For this activity, you'll be assigned a partner or a small group. Each group will be given one section of questions to answer about library spaces, services, collections, or equipment. Work together and use the Library website to track down the answers to your questions. Be ready to share what you learn with the rest of the class when we go through the slide deck of questions at the end. 

1. Library Hours and Access

What time does the Library open on weekday mornings?

What portion of the Library is open overnight and what days of the week?

How many print and ebooks does the Library own? (Hint: check the About page)

How can you access UTC Library resources from off campus? (Hint: check under Services for off campus access info).

2. Printing, Copying, Scanning

How do you pay for printing on campus?

How much print money do students receive during fall and spring semesters? 

Can you print from your own personal laptop or do you have to use a library computer? 

Where can you scan a document in the Library? 

3. Study Rooms

Who can reserve study rooms? 

How long per day can a student keep a study room?

How do you access your study room at the time of your reservation?

What basic technology will you find in all study rooms? 

4. Computers and Equipment

Where is the main computer lab located in the Library?

True or False: You can save your personal files on Library computers. 

Does the Library have Macs? 

Name 3 kids of tech you can check out of the Library? 

5. Finding Sources in the Library

Does the Library have the film Booksmart?

Where is it located?

Find an article on the subject of pet therapy for anxiety. 

How can you access the full text of the article? 

6. Writing Center Services

Where is the Writing Center located?

How can you make an appointment with the Writing Center?

True or False: the Writing Center will proofread your paper with a red pen.

What types of assignments can the Writing Center help with? (Hint: it's more than just term papers).

7. The Library Studio

Where is the Studio located?

What is the checkout period for most Studio equipment?

How can you set up a consultation with the experts in the Studio?

Does the Studio have 3-D printing? 

Miss the Session?

If you were unable to attend the in-person library session, your professor may let you take the online tutorial instead. 

Visit this link to get started. 

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