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EDUC 2010: Education in the United States

Google Searching

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Finding Sources about People and Events

Use the Library Quick Search box (in the center of the Library Home Page) to track down news articles about important people or events. Enter 2 or 3 relevant keywords or phrases in the search box. 

Use the Newspaper Search filter on the left sidebar to limit to library-subscribed news sources that discuss your person or event. 

Use the green View Online links to read and save the articles from the publisher websites

Finding Scholarly Sources on Professional Topics

To locate scholarly (academic) sources on topics like curriculum, teaching methods, and assessment, use the Research Guides link below the Quick Search box to find the Education Research Guide.

There you will find a list of recommended databases that include articles and research studies from professional peer-reviewed journals in the field. Education Collection with ERIC is the top recommended database on the Guide. 

When searching databases like Education Collection, put search terms or phrases in each box and then click Search.

Look for full text PDF links in your results to view the full articles online. Be sure and download the PDFs to your own computer. Pasting or saving links for later usually won't work because the items are behind paywalls and/or the access link will expire.   

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