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Evaluating Sources

Keep it Credible

Scrutinize your sources and see what others say to select the best information.

Scrutinize the Source

Purpose & Audience

  • Why was the source created? To entertain, persuade, or inform?
  • Is it sponsored? Who is reading it?

Beware Author Bias

  • Warning signs: exaggerated or emotional language and a lack of evidence to support claims.

Check Your Own Bias

  • Check your own biases and how they influence your judgment of the source.

Check the Date

  • When was the article originally published? Has it been reprinted from another source?

See What Others Say

Fact Check

  • Use a fact-checking site (Snopes, FactCheck, or Politifact) if information seems suspect. Is it satire?

Follow the Evidence

  • Click links or search citations to inspect the quality of supporting sources.

Evaluate the Author

  • Search for the author outside the source.
  • What is their experience and expertise?

Inspect the Publisher

  • Inspect the mission and scope of the site or publication where the source is found.
  • Search for more info on the publisher.
Infographic describing the evaluating sources process
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