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COVID-19 Library Operations Update

Check out the latest on currently available library services.

Free Publisher Resources

Temporarily free resources from key publishers and aggregators.

Many academic publishers and content aggregators are temporarily making resources freely available for academic use during the COVID-19 crises. Many of these resources can also be found by searching the library's online catalog. Please check back for the latest available resources.

Free Resources

Copyright in Online Courses

When moving your course online you may have concerns about copyright and fair use. 

If you are posting a limited amount of material for a limited amount of time in your course UTC Learn site, it is most likely covered by fair use during the COVID-19 response. Leading copyright librarians agree “making materials available and accessible to students in this time of crisis will almost always be a fair use.” 

If you have specific copyright concerns during the COVID-19 response, do not hesitate to contact us at

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