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FYE: Get To Know the Library

1. The Library Building and Spaces

1. Check out the Library Hours page. What time does the Library open on Sundays? When is the Library open overnight?

2. Visit the page about Borrowing Materials. If you want to borrow a book, how long can you keep it? Scroll further down the page and find the link for Technology Check Out. Name 3 types of equipment you can check out at the first floor desk.

3. Take a look at the Book a Room pages. What is required to access the room at the time of your reservation? How long can you keep a room?

4. Find the page about Printing in the Library. How can you print from your own personal device? And how do you pay for your prints?  

Miss the Session?

Online Library Activity

Your professor may assign you the online version if you missed your face to face session. 

2. Library Resources and Collections

1. The Quick Search Box in the middle of the library home page is the main gateway to look for sources on a topic. Try doing a search for the topic of Concussions in the NFL. Now look over on the left sidebar at the formats listed. Name 3 different types of material you can find in our collection. 

2. Now visit the Research Guides page. Is there a Guide for the Subject of Psychology? What do you find listed there? 

3. Look at the top right of the library home page and visit the Find Resources link. Scroll down to Studio Equipment and browse the list of higher end equipment that can be checked out (different from the items kept at the first floor desk). How long can you keep a camcorder? 

4. Now look at the link to Special Collections on that same Find Resources page. What kinds of materials are housed in Special Collections? 

3. Library Services For Students

1. Looking at the Assistance section of the home page, what are 3 ways you can get help with your research and assignments? 

2. Scroll down the home page and visit the Writing Center portion of the website. What are the 3 options offered by the WCC for students to get help? How do you book an appointment? 

3. Now visit the Studio portion of the website. How do you go about getting Studio assistance with your tech and media-related projects? Where is the Studio located? 

4. Look for the Events section of the website. Here you will find a listing of workshops that we offer to help you gain skills useful for academic success. What is the name of one upcoming workshop you think would be useful? 

Bonus Activity: Take a Look at Scholarly Research

For this activity you will be searching for studies published by UTC professors in your subject area or major.

1> Find a professor: 
Open a new tab and using the UTC website, locate the home page for your major, department or program - for example Electrical Engineering, Social Work, History.  Then look for the list of Faculty and Staff. Review the list and choose a faculty member to explore. Look underneath their profile for a link to More Info. This is where you will find their published list of Scholarship activities or a CV (academic resume). Select one of the studies from the CV or Scholarship list to locate. Keep the tab open to refer back to. 

2> Use UTC Google Scholar
Now open another new tab and visit the Library home page again. Use the Databases button below the search box to find Google Scholar. It will be listed on the very first page of databases, about halfway down under Multisubject. Use this link to access our Google Scholar search page.

On our Google Scholar page, enter the title of the research study AND the faculty member's (author's) last name in the Google Scholar search bar. See if the article is either freely available OR accessible through a blue Get It @ UTC link on the right sidebar. (This link will take you to the UTC subscription for the journal and will allow you access with your UTCID and password). Briefly review the full text of the article on the publisher website and note the organization and kinds of data presented. This is an example of the kind of research your professors are doing - and the type of material you might use for a research paper once you get further into your studies here.

Paste the URL for the article in the box below to complete your FYE Library Activity. 

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