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Does The Source Slant Left, Right or Center?

Some media sources have a known slant to the left or the right. Some are more neutral. Be certain you take this into account when reading and reviewing sources for your paper. 

What Type of Reporting Is Used in the Source?

Articles you read in the news media are often written for different purposes using different styles and techniques. Watch for these clues to determine the format and intent of sources as you read them. 

Journalistic Reporting Opinion or Editorial
  • Presents multiple viewpoints
  • Does not take a side
  • Often uses "they" or "them"
  • Contains observable and verifiable facts
  • Cites sources for its claims
  • Promotes a single viewpoint / one side
  • Often uses "I" or "we"
  • More personal in tone
  • May be labeled as opinion
  • May or may not cite any sources

Use Lateral Searching to Confirm What You Find

  • After reading a sources, try and track down additional sources that confirm the claims made in the original
  • Look for citations that lead to actual studies or reports with data, charts, etc. 
  • Read about the author, determine their background, credentials and expertise.
  • Vet the source carefully. The About page may not always give an objective picture of the publication or organization.

     An accurate analysis of a topic is likely to be found in a network of sources, not just one. 

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