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Getting Started with SketchUp : Step 4: Add a doorway

This guide will walk you through the basics of using SketchUp. Follow the steps in this guide to build and decorate a Library study room.

Add a Doorway

Fill in the gaps for the windows and doorway by adding windows and a door to the spaces. Start by reorienting your view. Use the Camera > Standard Views menu to choose the Front view.

Step 4

The door to our study room is 6’8” (80”) tall and 3’ wide.

  1. Use the Tape Measure tool to create a guideline. Activate the Tape Measure, then click on the floor of the room. Pull your mouse up, type in 6’8, then hit enter. You now have a guideline for the height of the door.
  2. Repeat the process of creating a guideline, this time starting from the wall on the left. Create a guideline that is 8” from the edge of the wall, and another that is 36” from the first line.
  3. Now you have a guide for your door! Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle between the guidelines. When the Rectangle is activated, click and release on one corner, then click and release on the diagonal corner to make a rectangle. 

  1. Use the Tape Measure tool to add a window frame that is 28” by 23” to the door using these measurements:
    • 46” from the floor
    • Centered with 6.5” of the door on either side
    • 6” from the top of the door
  2. Draw the window frame using the Rectangle tool, then create a 1.25” window within it using the Offset tool. Your actual window should be 25.5” by 20.5”.

  1. It may be helpful to erase the guidelines you’ve already made to make the door. Use the Eraser tool to erase individual guidelines, or erase all of them at once: Edit > Delete Guides.
  2. Make a guideline going up 1.5” from the top of the door. Make a rectangle (using either the Line or Rectangle tool) that is 36” wide and 22” tall.
    • Make sure that the window is in line with the door. It may be helpful to make a guideline to help with this. 
    • Instead of drawing all the guidelines necessary, use the Rectangle tool. Click and release at one corner, then start dragging your mouse in the direction where the window will be. Type “36,22” and hit enter to make your window.

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