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Getting Started with SketchUp : Step 8: Finish your model

This guide will walk you through the basics of using SketchUp. Follow the steps in this guide to build and decorate a Library study room.

Step 8

Finish your Model

Saving your model and exporting your model as other file types.

Step 8

Purging materials gets rid of all the unused and deleted materials in the model, and can make a model smaller and faster.

  1. Purge materials.
  2. Open the Material tab in the Default tray.
  3. Choose “In Model” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the arrow next to the drop-down menu to see the details.
  5. Select Purge Unused.

Save your model as a .skp (SketchUp) file.

  1. Save your model. Your model will be saved as a .skp file by default, and you will be able to edit your model using this file.
    • SketchUp will also create a folder with assets from your model. The folder will have the same name as your SketchUp file, and will have image files that are being used as textures on your objects.
  2. Save your model as a .stl file: File > Export > 3D Model. Choose .stl from the file type menu.

Save your model as a 2D image.

  1. Make a section cut so that the image will include the interior of your room. Use the standard camera view to make sure your view is straight-on.
  2. Export an image: File > Export > 2D graphic. Save it as a JPG.

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