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Studio Equipment and Software Alternatives : Photography

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Taking Photos

Don't have a standalone camera to take photos for your project? Use your phone!

Best Practices for Taking Photos

Best Practices

Screenshot of iPhone Camera settings with

  • Hold your phone horizontally to take photos
  • If using an iPhone, change your Camera settings to "most compatible." To change your settings:
    • Open Settings
    • Choose Camera
    • Open Formats
    • Select Most Compatible
  • If using an Android, you shouldn't need to change any settings
  • Make your own tripod to keep your phone steady

Editing Photos

After taking your photos, you may need to edit them. You can use some Studio-supported web editors to do basic editing, like Canva and Adobe Spark. If you need to do your photo editing on your phone, both Canva and Spark are available as apps for iOS and Android devices.

If you don't have the above programs or a computer to edit your photos on, try the following.




Need more help?

If you need more help, contact the Studio however you feel comfortable:

Call us at 423-425-2219

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Email us

Studio Pathfinders

Studio pathfinders are guides to get you started with the software that we actively support. 


Remember that unless otherwise noted, the Studio may not be able to fully support all the software options on this guide. If you have questions, please contact the Studio and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

Lighting Options

Being thoughtful about your lighting always helps make your photos better. Taking photos outside, especially if it's a little overcast, is a great way to get well-lit photos. If you can't take your photos outside, here are some tips for taking better photos inside using things you have around the house.

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