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Studio Equipment and Software Alternatives : Video

Recording Video

Don't have a camcorder to record your video? Use your phone!

Best Practices for Recording Video

Best Practices

Screenshot of iPhone Camera settings with

  • Hold your phone horizontally to record
  • If using an iPhone, change your Camera settings to "most compatible." To change your settings:
    • Open Settings
    • Choose Camera
    • Open Formats
    • Select Most Compatible
  • If using an Android, you shouldn't need to change any settings
  • Rig up a tripod to keep your phone steady

Editing Video

After recording, you will need to edit your video.

Studio Software

You may already know how to use Camtasia or Premiere, and you can use them when logged in to a Studio computer.

System Software

Your computer may already have some video editing software:

  • Windows Movie Maker
    Please note that the Studio does not actively support this software
  • iMovie (for Macs)

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is free video editor you can download to use on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. It is equivalent to Adobe Premiere. Please keep in mind that it is not a Studio-supported video editor. We will do our best to answer questions about using Davinci Resolve but our knowledge is limited.

If you don't have the above programs or a computer to edit your videos on, try the following options. They all have apps for iOS and Android devices.


Did you know you can create videos in Canva? You can(va)! Just log in to Canva and click the "Create a Design" button. Select Video to create a video.

  • To add videos, you will need to upload your videos. Click "Uploads" in the lefthand toolbar. If you don't see it Uploads, click the "More" menu.
  • Each video clip you add will be a "page" on your video. To trim your video, select the clip and then click "Trim" in the menu bar. You can shorten your video from the beginning or the end.
  • Add elements like text, call outs, shapes, and even illustrations to your video as you would for any Canva project. Check out our Canva pathfinder below.
  • To save your video, click the Download button in the top menu bar.

Adobe Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a mix between Camtasia and Premiere, and can be downloaded to a computer or used on phones/tablets. There are a few things to know about Rush:

  • Available in the Apple App store and the Google Play store
  • Freemium software means the free version may not have use of the full program
  • Free accounts have no export limit when using the Premiere Rush app for mobile. The desktop version has a limits free accounts to only 3 exports

Need more help?

If you need more help, contact the Studio however you feel comfortable:

Call us at 423-425-2219

Chat with us

Email us

Studio Pathfinders

Studio pathfinders are guides to get you started with the software that we actively support. 


Remember that unless otherwise noted, the Studio may not be able to fully support all the software options on this guide. If you have questions, please contact the Studio and we will help you to the best of our abilities.


These free tools will let you record your computer screen while you work. You can then edit the videos and even edit them into a larger video using editing software.

Mobile-Based Screen Recorders

Need to record on your phone? Don't forget that many smart phones have a built-in screen recorder!

Video Editing on Your Phone

If you don't have easy access to a computer that can run the video editors listed on this guide, don't forget that you can use your smartphone to edit. 

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