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Library Support for Research Assignments

Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

Use the guide below to embed links to relevant articles and ebooks in your Canvas course space as readings or course texts. Students have 24/7 access to high quality content by way of our library subscriptions. And linking directly makes sure we are always in accordance with copyright laws and licenses.

Linking Instructions

Affordable Course Materials

Interested in exploring open source or low cost online textbooks for your courses? Visit our ACMI page to learn more about our grant program to support this.

ACMI Information

You Have Options!

There are multiple ways to support and enhance research assignments in your courses. Below are a few of the choices that the library offers that can be easily incorporated into your course content.

A Course Specific Library Guide

We can design a page dedicated to the research assignments already in your course. Simply provide us with the assignment and some information on the skills, concepts and source types you want your students to learn and use. We'll build a guide that includes links to skills tutorials, tip sheets, databases, citation styles and more. Once we design it, simply share the link in Canvas and your students can click right over to the resources and tools they need to succeed.

View an Example of a Course Specific Library Guide

Online Tutorials

The Library has a suite of tutorials already built out and ready to use. These are targeted to the most common research skills and  resources that students need to be successful in their papers and projects. From plagiarism to database searching to understanding the structure of a scholarly article, we've got you covered.

Visit our Tutorials Page

If you don't see what you need there, you can always reach out to our instruction librarians and we'll build one just for you!

Email us at:

Live Synchronous Class Presentations

If your class meets synchronously and you want a real time presentation from a librarian with database demonstrations and a q&a session, we can do that too! What we'll need is a date, time and online meeting location, the details of your research assignment and any other specifics you feel are relevant. We can screen share, demonstrate successful searching, offer skills activities in breakout rooms and more. 

Schedule a Live Library Class Presentation Here

Asynchronous Discussion Board Support

If your class is asynchronous, we can still interact with your students as they work on their research assignments. If you add a librarian to your course, we can post prompts on a discussion board, monitor student responses and offer feedback and guidance along the way. To set this up, just submit details of your course, assignment and dates using our online form and we'll work with you to make it happen. 

Schedule a Library Instruction Session

Skills We Teach

Source Evaluation

There's more to source evaluation than just checking to see if the url ends in .com or .edu. Teaching students how to check for author credentials, peer review, credibility and currency are essential.

Topic Refinement

Students sometimes don't know where to begin in choosing and narrowing a topic. It's important to learn how to frame a research question before you get started on your paper.

Keyword Searching

Academic research is not as intuitive as Google! Let us help your students choose the right terminology to retrieve useful and relevant academic resources for their papers.

Database Selection

Each discipline has its own scholarly literature and we can make sure your students are aware of and know how to access the best databases and journals to meet the needs of your research assignments.

Filtering and Limiting

Once you enter your keywords, then you have to make sense of the search results on your screen. We can offer guidance on how to filter results by peer review, publication date, format type and more. 

Saving and Sharing

Copying and pasting links from inside scholarly databases doesn't always work. Make sure your students know how to download the PDF or share it via email so they have it handy later on when it's time to write the paper.

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